How are you doing? my name is lloyd yip

I'm an entrepreneur from Canada whose been passionate about tech, startups, and growth for the last 7 years.

I know you have a lot of choices of who to listen to when it comes to growing your business, so I want to earn your trust with every post I make. 

If you're curious, here's my story.

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I was never meant to be an entrepreneur. 

As an eighth grader, I was given the prestigious honour of receiving the "quietest student" award (which in retrospect is an absurd award to hand out to a kid).

But it was a reflection of myself. I had always struggled with confidence and connecting with people.

Even with an entrepreneur father who always spoke about business at the dinner table, it never spoke to me. Money and business was the last thing on my mind.

But one seemingly inconsequential moment changed my life forever.

During Physio 101 in college, a clipboard went around collecting signatures. I put my name down without even knowing what I had signed up for.

I woke up that weekend to a phone call by a total stranger, who represented an organization that helped college kids begin businesses. 

He asked me if I ever thought about entrepreneurship.

The short answer? No. Up until that point, I had never even held ANY job. Who was I to start a business?

To this day, I don't know what inspired 18 year old Lloyd to actually listen to him. But thank God he did.

Fast forward a month, I had rented out a beat up old Honda, bought some ladders and rags, and starting printing out business cards for my new window and gutter cleaning business.

It might've been the desire to prove that I could accomplish something for the first time in my life. It might've been just wanting to making some change to pay for tuition and weekend beers.

But regardless, that was my not-so sexy introduction to the world of entrepreneurship.

My first foray into having a "real" job was when I joined a fast growth startup in Toronto called Uberflip. They built marketing technology for large enterprises.

I loved this experience because they gave me an education that school never gave me. They taught me how to sell complex enterprise deals. They constantly invested in my knowledge by bringing in trainers and other resources. And just by pure exposure to our own team of experts, as well as always selling to and pitching different CMOs and VP's of Marketing, I learnt a shit ton about digital marketing.

I quickly found my sweet spot in business development, and broke almost every company record at the time for creating new sales opportunities and pipeline. Before long, I moved into a full cycle sales role and brought in over $500k in sales in just 8 months.

In the 2 years I spent at Uberflip, I learnt how a well oiled machine worked. We had grown from a hustling team of 50 people at $3M in revenue, to a sophisticated team of 120 people at $11M in revenue when I left. All those processes and best practices really set my foundation for me as an excited 22 year old.
As you could imagine, my rookie experience into entrepreneurship wasn't all roses. I dealt with all the typical problems you could imagine. Sales were hard. Going door to door asking for jobs in the -20 degree Canadian winter was absolutely brutal.

I would hire other college kids, who would out of nowhere quit. Then I had to scramble and rehire so I didn't have to do an entire weeks worth of jobs all by myself.

I didn't know how to deal with clients. Hell, I didn't even know how to manage my own employees. At the end of my first summer, all my employees hated me. They even unfriended me on Facebook after the season ended, I was that bad.

But this experience changed me forever.

It wasn't just the $70,000 I made to pay off tuition. 

I now knew what it meant to grind and work my ass off to get clients.

I learned what NOT to do when managing a team.

I learnt the importance of creating amazing experiences for the client so that they'd tell their neighbours about me.

And most importantly, I realized that even though I wasn't a natural born entrepreneur, I liked it, and I wanted to get good at it.

My next move was clear though. I wanted to be on the ground floor of an early stage startup where I could make a real impact.

It didn't take long for me to find a startup that at the time was literally just 4 roommates working out of their living room. My interviews actually happened on their kitchen table, which was pretty odd.

But that's what I was looking for. I wanted to be part of a team which hadn't built any process yet. Where they were operating in chaos, were still trying to discover their product-market fit, their pricing strategy, and product roadmap.

I wanted to be someone who could come and create order and structure around the business to make it scalable.

Honestly, I was terrified I made the wrong choice my first week there. Here we were in the basement, sticking sticky notes to walls and making mind maps like a madman concocting a plot. There was so much that needed work, and so little time.

As their Director of Sales, I saw us grow from 4 people to 40 people. From under 10 clients at less than $50,000 in revenue to over 100 clients at $2.5M. From our living room to a legitimate office space. All in less than 2 years.
But the truth is, I always knew my endgame was to come back full circle and build my own business. 

Ever since I got into the entrepreneurship world, one of the key pillars that captured my attention was the psychology of sales and persuasion. What is it that needs to happen for someone to willingly and excitedly give away their hard earned money?

That's what we as business owners have to do in order to build a sustainable business. And it's what I've invested the last 7 years of my life, tens of thousands of dollars of my own money going to masterminds and training seminars, and an obscene amount of hours reading and listening to podcasts in order to become an expert in.

This is why I built Attract & Scale.

Since starting my company in the middle of 2019, we've grown to serve countries in over 17 countries and 6 continents. We've served marketing agencies, SaaS companies, executive coaches, online consultants, and countless other industries.

In under a year, we have scaled our own company into the multi-six figure profit mark, and we've helped our clients do the same.

If you're building a company selling a high-ticket offer (whether it be SaaS, consulting, agency, etc), but you're struggling with truly scaling your client acquisition, let's talk. I'd love to be of service to you!
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Hear From Some Of Our Clients


"Before I started working with Lloyd, I was doing most of my sales, marketing, and client onboarding manually. I was getting burnt out and starting to seriously consider closing down the business. I was at a point of total overwhelm and I didn't feel like I was getting enough out of the business compared to what I was putting in.

From a customer experience perspective, things were incredibly manual. It was a ton of work on me to make sure client experience was good. Onboarding new clients onto the software was a very painful process, and I knew it was going to break unless I streamlined stuff.

Sales and marketing was just me manually reaching out to people in my spare time on social media and pitching. It was a totally unscalable way to get clients, and it felt like a total grind.


"In just 4 weeks of working with Lloyd, the changes have been astronomical. I'm on pace to double the revenue of my best month ever.

The systems that he's helped me implement have been so helpful in automating away all my manual process. I feel like I can actually show up now and be the rockstar of my business, and not have to worry about all the tedious little stuff that used to keep me up at night.

He also helped me build a far more reliable sales process that allows me to pretty much close deals 24/7. It's like I have an automated sales person working for me.

Before, I was selling my product for much too low of a price. He's helped me more than double my prices, while actually improving my deal win rate.

I'm stoked that I now have a rinse and repeat formula that helps me get more clients, onboard them, while giving them a great experience.

Working with Lloyd has been a game changer."
Greg Cormier
East Coast Fitness
Greg runs East Coast Fitness. His company has built a fitness app with pre-built workout plans and templates that he sells on a subscription model.


"I had no process. I was shooting from the hip, and honestly had no idea what I was doing.

In the beginning, I reached out to people in my own network on Linkedin to find clients. I had won a few small deals doing that, but the deal sizes were quite low.

Soon after, my network ran out and I was totally stuck. I had no idea how else to get clients after that. My calendar was empty.

I also realized that I wasn't fully sure who my ideal client base was, and had a limited understanding of what their problems were. I needed help dialing in on that.

One of my bad habits prior to working with Lloyd was that I sucked at managing my tasks and priorities. I never knew what were the highest leverage activities to execute on, and because of that, there were days I just didn't do anything. Then my motivation would disappear, and I'd have this vicious cycle of just procrastinating and not getting stuff done.


"In just 6 weeks of working with Lloyd, I built a really great handle on exactly who my target market was.

He also helped me build real systems that allowed me to generate interested clients outside of my own network. By our 3rd week of working together, I was booking 10 to 15 meetings with total strangers every single week. I literally had to change my schedule to wake up earlier everyday just to squeeze in all the meetings I was having.

The biggest win I've had so far on the program was connecting with a CEO and getting offered a $115,000 contract for me to run my consulting services on retainer. This came in the 5th week of us working together.

This is just one of the opportunities that Lloyd helped me win. I feel like a whole new world of opportunities have opened up to me that would have never materialized if I didn't start working with Lloyd.

Having someone to keep me accountable was huge as well. When I first started working with Lloyd, I had a lot of bad habits when it came to procrastinating and wasting time on low impact things. He made me realize the mental side of building a business and how bad habits were going to cause me to fail. I needed that wakeup call. 

I also loved the human touch as well. Lloyd was with me every step along the way. I had tried online courses before and could never stick with them. Having a real human with me was a difference maker."
Carolynn Morris
Orange Soul
Carolynn runs a communications consulting company. Her focus is on helping corporate teams foster better workplace communication.


"I hadn't figured out the right outreach to consistently generate meetings with clients. Even when we got meetings, we didn't really know how to demo them properly to show our value.

I was really stuck in just trying to convince people that we had this really great product, which we knew could get results, but we just couldn't scale or convince people to buy.

We were trying a bunch of different things, purchased a few platforms, brought in some marketing consultants, and heard a whole lot of advice, but nothing was working.

The campaigns we were building were not getting the conversion rates we were looking for, and the sales cycles felt really long.

Our clients at the time were mostly coming from our own network, and we realized what we were doing was totally unscalable. We felt stuck at the MRR that we were at.

The biggest frustration was probably just not understanding why people weren't jumping on board."


"When Lloyd jumped on, he immediately helped us better understand our own industry.

He helped us construct a more profitable pricing model, made us rethink about what our go-to market strategy really should be, and helped us reposition our offering and messaging so that people were more excited to buy.

He helped us build a really good sales playbook and framework that resonated much deeper with our audience, and we quickly saw our meetings booked, conversion rate, and deal win rate going up.

We doubled our monthly recurring revenue and signed our biggest client to date in just over a month. We got to a point where we finally saw a positive trajectory for client growth.

And all the growth we experienced was built on leveraging systems and automation, which meant we were finally growing scalably rather than just improvising.

It's important for us as founders to be challenged so we can improve, and I feel Lloyd always pushed us to question our own status quo and reconsider if we were really executing in the right way."
Adam Gellert
Founder & CEO
HiredHippo AI
Adam is the CEO of an HR Tech SaaS platform aiming to help connect top companies with the best sales candidates for an easier hiring experience.
Common Questions
What distinguishes you from everyone else? 
Our Quad-Core Growth Accelerator is the only 1-on-1 Consulting program out there that promises to help founders scale from $0 to $50k in monthly revenue. We are NOT simply providing an online course with generic content you have to self-direct and follow. We will be a virtual Head of Growth for you, and actually work directly with you.
Who are you guys, anyway?
My name is Lloyd Yip, and I am the founder of LWY Consulting. I'm a serial entrepreneur, and have been working on and within startups for the last 7 years of my career. My methods and execution have helped make millions for myself, my companies, and my clients in that time period.
What are you promising to help me achieve? How are you going to do this?
I will help you scale your business from $0 in revenue, all the way to $50K in monthly revenue, within 6 to 12 months. I go through the exact method of how this is done in the free training that you can watch above.
Who is this system meant to work for?
This Accelerator program is built for entrepreneurs who are running high-ticket B2B product/service companies (ie. average customer value is minimum $1,000 and preferably above $5,000). This program has worked for numerous early stage SaaS companies, B2B coaches/consultants, Agencies, and other B2B service based companies.
How can your program help SaaS companies, Agencies, and Consultants? Aren't they very different?
I specifically help early stage high-ticket B2B companies. Regardless of whether you're SaaS, agency, or a consultant, selling expensive offers to other businesses follows a similar process. I've personally worked in all those industries so I understand the unique needs founders will have. As well, because this program is 1-on-1, everything will be ultimately tailored to your specific company.
Do you guarantee your results?
We are so confident in our results that if you are unhappy with your progress, we will refund you all your money back. However, this is on the condition that you have actually done the work. There is no substitute for hard-work and execution. Founders who don't actually put in the grind will never see success, and we expect that dedication from the entrepreneurs we work with. If your business is not truly your priority, than we suggest you forego working with us altogether.
What does this program entail?
For in-depth insight into the program, please click "Growth Training" in the top navigation bar.
What's the cost, and how can I sign up?
We have limited spots available as our consulting is 1-on-1. Please schedule strategy session below to get pricing and to see if you qualify. 
Attract & Scale
8 Park Rd, Toronto, Canada 

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